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Other Aliases: Timothy Vyper, kite552, dothacker552
Gender: Non-Binary/Enby
Sexuality: Demisexual & Sapiosexual

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Upset Over Crypto

Sep 16, 2023
So I am so upset lately that people are considering things that have connections to crypto as immediately bad or a scam. However, I don’t want to say I don’t completely understand why everyone and their brother has been taking advantage of the lack of regulation around it, thus allowing so many scams to exist. That said, it just upsets me that I have just seen this mindset of putting everything inside the “it must be a scam,” which bothers me.
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May 26, 2023
First, after reading a post from CyberKitsune on the Fediverse about the controversial take of not hating hard on all corporations, I feel compelled. With that, I also agree with that thought process. I feel like there is a lot of mob mentality, and it hurts more than it helps, in my opinion, sometimes, and I feel like people don’t equally enforce their beliefs evenly across things. Issues With Mob Mentality I don’t feel like I have to say too much here; at least, I think most people get that mob mentality is terrible.
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Decentralized Protocols

May 3, 2023
There is a lot of stuff going on in the decentralized space lately, and I am excited about it. However, with tons of these protocols coming up, it is getting plagued by so many people suffering from the same old issue of “not invented here” or “but what’s wrong with this old tested protocol,” and I will admit that I am biased. I love ActivityPub as it is a long-lasting protocol that tons of software has been built on top of and has stood a good test of time.
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